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As some of you probably know, the amazing Brittany Wang and Peggy Spencer have created the Writing Community Tag and I wanted to share it with you!

If you don’t know who Brittany and Peggy are, go check them out on their social media and YouTube channels. They are both writers and share amazing resources to help writers improve their craft and connect with same-minded individuals.

Brittany also has a Facebook group named Plotter Life Writers Community so check it out if you’re interested 😉

So here comes the tag!


The Writing Community Tag

  1. What drove you to find a writing community?

I think I started connecting with other writers and the writing community because I wanted (needed?) to feel supported by other writers and, at the same time, to help support others. Writing can be a very solitary experience, and I think surrounding ourselves with same-minded people and writers can be very helpful when we’re having doubts about our craft or ourselves really.

Meeting new writers, learning more about their personal processes and how they deal with writing always feels very encouraging, it’s like being part of a huge family 😊


  1. How did you first start getting involved?

After finishing up the first draft of my WIP, I discovered there was such a thing as Authortube and I started binge watching YouTube videos about how to plot, how to outline, etc., even though I had already written full novels in the past. I really started getting involved in the writing community when I started researching indie publishing and how to self-publish my book. I created my author platform and started connecting with readers and writers alike through social media prior to self-publishing my debut novel.


  1. What has been your favorite online platforms for writing community?

I guess Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube have been my favorite online platforms up to today. I love how pretty Instagram looks, how easy Twitter is to engage in conversations with people and how fulfilling YouTube can be in discovering new authors and their work. I’ve never been much of a Facebook fan but then I discovered how amazing being part of a Facebook group could be and I started taking an interest in that as well, but only very recently.

  1. What are some best practices for connecting and interacting with other writers online?

I think commenting and liking Instagram posts can be a good way to start interacting with other writers online, but my very favorite is still Twitter. I just like how easy it is to start a conversation and did I mention GIFs? I live for GIFs, and it’s also a good way to interact with others. Who hates cats GIF? No one!

Always being polite and respectful is also a must when addressing anyone online really, not only writers. Social media are an amazing way to engage with others, so I think it’s important to be as natural and respectful as you would be IRL.

  1. Are there any other platforms or ways to connect that you want to try next?

I’m really trying to start interacting with others on Facebook groups because I know it is an amazing way to make writerly friends.

Also, I’m actually very intrigued by Goodreads forums and other literary forums. I might try going around those a bit to see if it’s a good way to connect with other writers and readers but I’ll have to get a longer look at it.


  1. Have you made any writing friends in person? If so, how?

My best friend is a writer too so it’s always nice to have someone to talk to about the craft of writing in person. She is not my critique partner though because we like very different genres and wouldn’t suit each other.

I’ve met online friends through social media but I’ve never met any of them in person just yet. Maybe soon? We’ll see what the future brings 😊


  1. How has the community helped you in your writing journey so far?

The community helps me every day to achieve my goals and be serious about my craft. I love writing and being virtually surrounded by people who have the same passion is a wonderful way to feel supported and grow as a writer! Also, being part of a community means we help each other, sharing our knowledge and the resources helping us improve our craft. I feel the writing community is helping me every single day to stay accountable and get things done instead of procrastinating.


  1. On what other platforms can people connect with you? (Share your handles/accounts)

I have a blog on my main website: https://alisonfharing.fr/blog/

I’m also present on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!

Twitter: @Alison_f_haring

Instagram: @alisonfharing 

Pinterest: Alisonfharing

Facebook: Alison F Haring


  1. Shoutout some friends and positive forces in the writing community that you think we should connect with!

If you don’t know these people, go check them out! They are amazing!!

@nataliaaleigh @tessydockery @authordestinymurtaugh @jennamoreci @mysteriesofwriting @authormarisuggs @_brookepassmore

And the two amazing girls who came up with this tag: @authorbrittanywang and @peggy_writes

(and some French writers that you should check out anyway because guess what, they’re awesome!)

@blandinepmartin @tomnessy @mecanismes_dhistoires @saefiel


  1. Promote writing community by tagging friends to do this Tag next!

I tag all of those who would like to do this tag, whether it’s in English or in French, let’s spread the writing community love all around the world <3



Special note to my French-speaking readers:

Comme vous l’aurez remarqué, il s’agit ici de mon premier article en anglais que je partage avec vous sur le blog. Étant donné que je prépare le lancement de la version anglaise de D’Or et de Glace, il est possible que je publie quelques articles dans la langue de Shakespeare dans les semaines à venir. Pas de panique cependant, je travaille assidûment à créer une version EN du site pour que la navigation soit plus intuitive 😉


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